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step by step I’ll copy my sim-models to this sideblog, because I need space in my Main-blog, few of this models are made years ago, so they wear old hairstyles and dress or something like that, it could be, some cc are not there anymore, but the time goes on and there are other to wear instead, so my hairstyles too, they going better and you can take some of the newer hair if you like, just look around on my main-blog 🙂 for some models I will make other hair-suggestions, but it needs a bit time… anyway, have fun with my sim-models!

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Lesley „Twiggy“ Hornby

 in my youth Twiggy was my idol…she was the first to show fashion for young people, before there was no youth fashion at all…but in the roaring 60s everything changed…

here and here is more about here and here in german

Download Twiggy,  hope you like her too…she comes as a one star celebrity


Twiggys CC-list

eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick, Hair, Earings

Every Day Shoes, FormalDress and –Shoes, PartyDress and –Shoes, WinterDress ,Scarf and –Hat